Hands Free Segways by FunkeeDuck

Check Out The Hands-Free Segway By FunkeeDuck

funkee duck hands free segwayMany years ago, skateboards we a hot commodity because they were a popular transportation method. They were easily accessible and took up little space. Furthermore, they made children popular and cool among their friends and in the neighborhood. Children often became more sophisticated with their skateboards by doing trick to impress those around them and wanted to mimic their favorite professional skateboarders.

Now, if you want a transportation method to make you look cool, it would be the hands-free Segway. This interesting vehicle has the features of a skateboard and scooter all in one, but it is self-balancing. The hands-free Segway is a fun and unique way to travel around the block or around town. You just need to charge the battery and head out the door.

If you ever tried to ride a skateboard, you may remember your first time. You probably had a hard time keeping your balance and maneuvering the skateboard. Falls were part of the learning curve until you were able to become accustomed to the skateboard and develop a good technique.

However, the hands-free Segway is self-balancing and all you need to do is move in the direction you want to go. There are no concerns about maintaining your balance because the Segway does it on its own. You can go out for a leisurely ride or go full-throttle and see how fast you can go without worrying. This Segway is highly innovative and you will adapt to riding it in no time.

Skateboards may be a thing of the past with the hands-free Segway on the market. You might want to get ahead of your friends and purchase one while they are inexpensive and before everyone jumps on this new product. As the popularity grows, they will be impossible to keep in stock.

Once upon a time, owning a skateboard was the trend and you felt left out without one. Today, if you want the next trendy vehicle, you will need the self-balancing, hands-free Segway. Although you may not want to give into peer pressure and jump on the next trend, when a trend is this cool, it is impossible not to give in. All your friends will also want to join in on the fun and experience this amazing vehicle.

Now that you know how amazing and cool this Segway is, go purchase one before they are all sold out. Once everyone realizes what they are missing out on, you will be behind the curve if you wait too much longer. Buy a eVoy hands free segway or a self balancing 2 wheel scooter online with Funky Duck or buy one on Amazon.…

Rent Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooters

Rent Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooters

Are you searching for an exciting business that is both new and innovative? If you are then you should take a close look at the newest craze in transportation. It involves two wheel self balancing scooters. These two wheel self balancing scooters are a huge hit amongst people of all ages. They are very similar to a Segway but there is no handlebar.

The business opportunity that is available for an entrepreneur is to rent these exciting units at various locations throughout the city. If your city receives a lot of tourists every year then you will definitely succeed owning this type of a rental business. The units are relatively inexpensive to purchase and you should be able to rent them at a very profitable hourly rate.

two wheel segwayCan you imagine having a rental location beside a park such as Central Park in New York, Stanley Park in Vancouver, or Golden Gate Park in San Francisco? Each of these parks have hundreds of people that love to stroll through the many beautiful walkways and paths. Unfortunately, all of these parks are also extremely large which makes it almost impossible to see the entire park in one day.

This is where the two wheel self balancing scooter would come in handy. A family of four could rent four of these scooters for the entire day and leisurely travel through the park while seeing all of their favorite sites. This would also allow the elderly to see a lot of park area without getting too tired.

We all know how successful a bike rental shop is in such locations. In fact, in many major cities there are dozens of bike rental shops that do very well renting bikes to both tourists and the locals. The main difference with this type of rental is that these scooters are self-propelled and self balancing. Anyone can learn how to maneuver this unit in only a short period of time.

There are many business opportunities available to people throughout the world. The best business opportunities are ones that allow you to get in on the ground floor. Renting two wheel self balancing scooters will allow you to get in on the ground floor before others realize this golden opportunity.

This type of business will allow you to have a low overhead and a low cash outlay while at the same time generating huge profits on a daily basis.…